Soccer as A Way of Life

Sometime people ask themselves; why soccer is so important to others? In this article I will try to explain you why some people take so serious this sport, and why they talk so much about it. Many people have a lot of feelings for soccer, especially those which soccer has helped them so much.

Soccer is has helped so many people in so many ways, it helps people forget about their problems, also to avoid stress and have fun with their friends or family. In many countries soccer is taken so serious that since their kids are young the place them in a soccer team. They do this because they know it is a fun and good game to play. Soccer can even teach you manners, like being generous and not being selfish. In many occasions soccer has helped people make a lot of friends.

In countries like Brazil, which soccer is taken really serious, people prefer soccer than anything else. There are places in which either you played soccer or became a gang member, those where your 2 choices you have fun and make friends. It is very difficult in those countries, and that is why these people started to love soccer so much, because they change their life in a good way, saving them from becoming bad persons.

Soccer is also really about eradicating racism too. They have so many campaigns against racism because they love every player, and they do not care if a player is from a different culture, or if a player looks different. In soccer the only thing that matters is the beautiful game you played. It creates so many feelings knowing one sport unify all of us. Soccer also has so many campaigns to help people with special needs, like down syndrome or kids with cancer. It is amazing how just a sport can bring a smile to kid with this special necessities.

Soccer has changed the lives of so many people. They give people so many smiles and also so many tears, but this is what soccer is about. People love soccer because they enjoy watching it, and also think that is a fun and healthy hobby to do. This is a video of how serious players and fan take soccer:

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Barcelona and Real Madrid, “El Clasico” for many of us. This is the most watch game in the history of soccer. Whenever they played the stadium is full to their max capacity or always sold out of tickets. Is when the 2 best teams and the best players of the world play against each other, proving who is better and gaining the people love in the stadium.

This game is watch by hundred of millions of people. This is a rivalry that comes because Madrid and Barcelona are the 2 biggest cities in Spain. Also because these teams are among the best teams in the world, and everybody knows both of this teams. Almost everybody knows the stars players of these teams, which are Messi for Barcelona and Ronaldo for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid leads the head of all of these matches by winning 90 and Barcelona 86. That means they have played 225 times and have finished with the same score 49 times. On the other side Barcelona leads the head of winning more official titles with 81 trophies, while Real Madrid only has 76.

The followers of each team are really loyal, and they are always present when “El Clasico” is about to play. Each team has it own way of cheerleading each team. Barcelona fans scream Força Barça and Real Madrid fans scream Hala Madrid. They take really serious this game and sometimes can even react violently if their team loses.

This match is always full of feelings such as: stress, love, madness and hope. This is why this game so important and also so famous. We strongly recommend that if you can go and watch one of this games do not doubt to d it, it’s in our bucket list and we think it should be in every person because this match is just so full of feelings

This is a video of how fans sing Barcelona song when playing “El Clasico” in Camp Nou which is Barcelona stadium.

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Who is better, Ronaldo or Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, this has been a question many fans of soccer have made to themselves. Who is better, and why?

In this article I am going to prove who is better by giving you the statistics of each player during their entire career as soccer players. I will individually talk about each player advantages and disadvantages.

Starting of with Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7), Real Madrid super star. Cristiano is Real Madrid treasure. He is the player that most catches attention in the world. Known for his great strength when playing and his incredible velocity. Often called “El Puto Amo” because of his ferocity when playing and his great dribbling. He arrived to Real Madrid when Florentino Perez bought him for 97 millions Euros.

Next I will show you all of the statistics Ronaldo has made since playing as a professional soccer player.

Cristiano Ronaldo

12 seasons in first division. (Sporting Lisboa – Manchester United – Real Madrid)

Leagues matches played: 368

Goals scored: 246

Assists to goal: 80
Games played in Copa: 66

Goals scored: 39

Assists to goal: 11
Games played in Europe and world cup: 103

Goals scored: 59

Assists to goal: 23
Sporting Lisboa

Games: 31

Goals: 5

Assists to goals: 0

Manchester United

Matches: 292

Goals: 198

Assists to goal: 62
Real Madrid

Matches: 214

Goals: 221

Assists to goal: 51

Total: 12 seasons in first division played

Matches played: 537

Goals scored: 344

Assists to goal: 113

Playing with Portugal: 43 goals

CR7 needed 147 matches( 10,511 minutes) to score 50 goals in Premiere League.

Titles with team:                      Individual Titles:

1 Liga portuguesa                    1 Máximo goleador Premier
3 Premier                                2 Máximo goleador Champions
1 Liga BBVA                           2 Botas de oro
1 Copa Portugal                      1 Balón de oro
1 Copa del Rey                       1 Fifa World Player
1 Supercopa Portugal
1 FA Cup
2 Football League Cup
1 Community Shield
1 Supercopa España
1 Champions
1 Mundial clubes

Lionel Messi

10 seasons in first division.

Games played in liga: 256

Goals scored: 223

Assists to goal: 88
Games played in copa: 38

Goals scored: 24

Assists to goal: 12
games played in Europe and world cup: 98

Goals scored: 79

Assists to goal: 24

Total: 10 seasons in first division

Matches played: 392

Goals scored: 326

Assists to goal: 124

Playing with Argentina: 37 goals

He needed 103 games (6,970 minutes) to score 50 goals.

Titles with team:                        Individual titles :

6 Ligas                                     3 Máximo goleador Liga
2 Copa del Rey                         4 Máximo goleador Champions
3 Champions                            4 Balones de oro
6 Supercopa España                 4 Fifa Worls Player
2 Supercopa Europa                  3 Botas de oro
2 Mundial Clubes                      1 Golden Boy
1 Oro juegos olímpicos

Those are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi numbers. Now lets talk about them.

What does the number tells us, that Cristiano has played 3 seasons or 145 matches more than Messi but has only scored 18 goals more than him and 11 assists less than Messi, and that leaves a lot to talk about Ronaldo being the best.

Many persons say Ronaldo is better than Messi because of Ronaldo superior physique body. Apparently number proves those people they are wrong. Ronaldo game is mostly because of its physique while Messi is more efficient in the field.

Messi has been critiqued because of his short body, but he has proven everyone wrong, making him win the Fifa Balon De Oro 4 time consequently. With this Messi became the first player in history to earn this title, and basically the best player in soccer history.

Now for the end I will leave you with what Joseph Blatter, Fifa president say about Ronaldo and Messi: “So I cannot say who is the best. The Ballon d’Or list will be published on Tuesday, and then the public will make the choice.I like both of them, but I prefer Messi.”

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